Success Story Miquel y Costas TRIM SUITE

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"The implementation was faster than we expected."  

Searching for a long- term partner, Miquel y Costas & Miquel decided for TRIM SUITE from T.CON. The project implementation took place entirely remotely and was a complete success.    

A core feature of TRIM SUITE is its full SAP integration, which enables seamless planning processes and guarantees a smooth implementation. This is one of the reasons why T.CON’s software was the right fit for Miquel y Costas & Miquel.



TRIM SUITE offered various benefits for the company such as

  • Stock management of reels
  • In-house and external cutting
  • Customizability
  • Fully integrated in SAP

Because of the easy-to-use interface which TRIM SUITE offers, the users adapted to the new software within few weeks. 

Our success story provides detailed insights into how TRIM SUITE is being used at a customer company and the work involved in the implementation project. Get your free download now.